• Reviewed by: viny  on: 11/09/2016
    Great Food
  • Reviewed by: kimberly_gaudreault  on: 12/03/2016
    Received a menu in my door, decided to try it............good food, good prices, good service. I will definitely be ordering from here again!
  • Reviewed by: Glaroche  on: 05/12/2015
    Just tried China wind for the first time. I was very impressed. Best lo mein I've ever had. I will definitely be ordering from them again
  • Reviewed by: c.stonge  on: 11/09/2015
    Very easy to order online the food is good and they are always on time
  • Reviewed by: nuttyone74  on: 01/01/2015
    NEW YEARS EVE 2014..I called at 5:42p.m with an order for delivery..he said about 70 thinking ok n.y.r theyrr busy,cool..the driver finally showed up at 8:45ish pm.. but u know what it was worth every second of the wait n every cent of the 50$ I spent.n the food was hot n fresh when it arrived...Ive eatin here many times but tonite the food seemed extra while life ive never tryed a crab ragoon cuz I don t llike sea food at all..but mow I have a new addictio..same thimg with spring rolls,totally gross until I tried yours..AWESOME!! I personally feel that China Wind is DEF the best chinese resturaunt in Manchester..
  • Reviewed by: mokabo1  on: 29/12/2014
    Excellent food at great prices and the staff is always so warm and welcoming! I love this place!
  • Reviewed by: chrisposlock  on: 18/11/2013
    I've had Chinese food from NYC PA Fl.....but this is the best I've ever had....really it is the Best!
  • Reviewed by: Larynjojo  on: 24/06/2013
    The best Chinese Restaurant!! Food is great and the prices are great!! Thanks!!
  • Reviewed by: yfrank9911  on: 12/06/2013
    the food is Excellent , but sometime delivery is slow. hope u guys make more driver !
  • Reviewed by: usafblasbeat  on: 10/12/2012
    I couldn't have found a better restaurant! The food is great, the people are really nice, I order from here often and every time it is amazing. Thank you China Wind for giving my family great food, service and delivery.
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